Mango yoghurt

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Last evening I wanted a dessert that was easy to make, fast, with what I had available and with not a lot of calories. I made Mango yoghurt and I loved it so much I’ve decided to share the recipe on the blog.
I made the dessert with canned mango pulp, it’s like a mango puree, but a bit runny. I also had grounded peanut brittle for a cake. It’s smooth and sweet and the brittle adds the extra texture that makes the dessert really good. With the swirls on top it looks more like a restaurant dessert than something that can be done it a few minutes with only 4 ingredients. If you don’t have peanut brittle, you can change it with grounded peanuts, grated chocolate or a crushed biscuit. I used low fat yoghurt, but I will try it with Skyr too, as I imagine it will be just as delicious.
The yoghurt can be made in advance, but sprinkle the brittle on top only before serving.

Mango yoghurt

Ingredients for 2 servings:
– 400g low-fat yoghurt
– 4 spoons of golden syrup
– 6 spoons and 2 tsp of mango pulp
– 4 tsp of grounded peanut brittle

Mix by hand the yoghurt with the 6 spoons of mango pulp and the 4 spoons of golden syrup. When all the ingredients are incorporated, taste and add more syrup or mango if you think it’s necessary. Some yoghurts are more sour so it might need an extra spoon of syrup.
Put a teaspoon of brittle in each serving bowls. Pour the mango yoghurt on top and level it. Put a teaspoon of mango pulp on top and make swirls to decorate. Put the second teaspoon of peanut brittle on top of the yoghurt and the dessert is ready to be served.

Mango yoghurt

Do you like yoghurt with fruits? Do you make it at home? What fruits do you like to use?

One thought on “Mango yoghurt

  1. Wow, that really does sound good Anca! that overhead shot with the swirl of mango and line of peannut brittle is very inviting! It really must have tasted heavenly.
    Angela x

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