No Palm Oil Christmas

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I mentioned in another post, the Owls in the Pumpkin Patch that I’m not buying and promoting items that have been made with Palm oil from unsustainable sources. If you don’t know, many items on the shelves contain palm oil that is procured by deforestation; that leads to loss of habitat for many species, including our closest relatives, the Orangutans. Orangutans and humans share 97 percent of their DNA sequence, we should be able to also share a planet.

Iceland have recently decided to make a difference and by the end of this year, all their own brand products will not have palm oil. They will change their formulas when all the palm oil on the market will be sustainably sourced. I think that is such a powerful message and I want to share their ad because it was banned from TV.

It has over 5,200,000 views on youtube, but I don’t think these are enough. So I’m doing my bit by sharing it with you, if you missed this or you are not from UK.
We can all make a difference when we are buying things. In the 19th century, slavery was abolished in UK because people boycotted the sugar. We can do that. Brands respond, this is why well known brands proudly display the logo for fairtrade for cocoa, but have no issues with palm oil. There is no pressure on them because people just don’t know.

I was asked many times if being vegetarian was not hard. It was not if I compare it with me avoiding products that are palm free or with palm from sustainable sources, and not tested on animals (detergents are tested on animals, despite a ban on cosmetics, still happens with other products, because, of course, people don’t know). Everybody can make a choice and I’ve made mine, I’m not going to buy a cheaper biscuit or chocolate, when this means I’m in part responsible for so much destruction. Don’t take this post as preaching, but just as an attempt of raising awareness. Read for yourself, discover what happens, and take the choices you are happy with.

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For me, this year will be a:

No Palm Oil Christmas

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