Snow energy balls

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I thought of this recipe, Snow energy balls, for a few months, but only recently I made them. These are very nice and healthy too. As most energy balls, these snowy ones are vegan. I’ve used a lot of delicious ingredients that I haven’t used before, like coconut flour. I’m going to make more energy balls with coconut flour, that is for sure, as I like the taste. On top of that, these take only 10 minutes to make.

Snow energy balls

I wanted my snow energy balls to be white and so I didn’t use any dried fruits I would have normally used to make energy balls, so the texture is a bit different. I liked it, but my husband said he prefers the standard ones, as these are a bit dry comparing to fruit-based energy balls. Do give them a try if you want to see for yourself if you like this kind of texture. I would gladly eat these again, so maybe you might like them too.

As I wanted to keep the snow energy balls healthy, I’ve only used 15g of sugar alternative. It is a blend of cane sugar with stevia, being twice as sweet as standard sugar. If you don’t have this kind of sugar, use icing sugar and double the quantity. They will still be healthy, with only a teaspoon of sugar per ball.

Ingredients for 6 Snow energy balls:

– 30g coconut flour
– 30g ground almonds
– 15g cane sugar with stevia
– 1 spoon of orange blossom water
– 35g coconut oil, melted
– water
– desiccated coconut for coating the balls

In a bowl, put the coconut flour, the almonds, the sugar, and mix all of them. Pour the melted oil on top and add the orange blossom water. Start mixing with a spoon. Add a bit of water, less than a teaspoon at a time, if needed, and mix until it looks like a paste that you can shape. When you are happy with the consistency of the mixture, make six balls. You can weigh them on the scale so all are equal in size. Dip the balls in water, so they become a bit sticky and the desiccated coconut will stick to them, then roll them in the coconut. Put them in the fridge for 10 minutes to harden, if needed.

Have you had white energy balls before?

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