Cheese plate with biscuits from Stag Bakeries

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My husband and I love cheese. Sometimes I would prepare a cheese plate with a glass of wine instead of dinner, especially after a very consistent lunch. For those occasions, having some nice oatcakes and water biscuits to go with the cheese is a must. I received these Stag Bakeries Seaweed oatcakes, Seaweed water biscuits and cheese straws to review and we both were delighted with them.

01 Stag bakeries seaweed oatcakes seaweed water biscuits and cheese straws

Stag Bakeries is an old traditional Scottish bakery located in Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis on the Scottish Outer Hebrides and dating back to 1885. This is usually enough for me to want to try the product. Stag is a family-run business and they produce bread and cakes for local customers and biscuits for the rest of the world. The recipes they use today are developed with traditional methods.

I liked all three and I would buy them without a doubt. The Seaweed oatcakes were my favourite. I loved the texture and the subtle seaweed flavour. They contain oats, oil, salt, seaweed and raising agent.
The Seaweed water biscuits are light and crunchy, a really nice addition to cheese. These biscuits received 4 awards for taste and it’s obvious why, they are delicious. The water biscuits contain flour, oil, water, milk, sugar, seaweed and sea salt.
Both oatcakes and water biscuits packs contain around 20-24 biscuits, so they are plenty even if you are entertaining.

The Cheese Straws with Smoked Dunlop are fantastic. I never heard of Dunlop cheese, it’s a cheese made in the Highlands, unpasteurised and, traditionally, is smoked over whisky barrel shavings. My husband gets something similar, oak whisky barrel shavings to smoke cheddar, it’s something which adds more flavour. The pack of cheese straws contain 13 straws. Beside cheese, the straws contain flour, water, salt and mustard powder.

Stag bakeries seaweed oatcakes seaweed water biscuits and cheese straws

These items can be found at Marks & Spencer and other smaller shops. On their website you can check their stockists by using your postcode. I saw items from the Stag range at the Hopetoun Farm Shop, a farm near Edinburgh in our trip to Scotland last month.

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