The Bakery Boss

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As you know if you followed my blog for the last few months, I’ve been baking along the Great British Bake Off each week. As in the previous years, this year I’ve joined the #GBBOBloggers2018 & #GBBOBakeoftheWeek linky organized by Jenny from and Helen from Besides seeing pretty amazing bakes made by all the ladies who joined in the linky, I had a chance of winning the amazing prize offered by Sage Appliances: The Bakery Boss mixer. I won! I was so happy when I found out (on my birthday). After receiving my new and shinny Sage Bakery Boss, I was eager to try it, to see how it works. See the non-disclaimer disclaimer at the end of the post*.

I have a basic stand mixer that I blogged about last year, Bosch MUM4807GB. Mine is 4-5 times cheaper than The Bakery Boss, so, obviously, there is a big difference between them.

The Bakery Boss

First of all, this Sage Bakery Boss looks very sturdy, and heavy. Only the glass bowl is 2kg. It’s not by any mean a small kitchen appliance. I had to rearrange the kitchen cabinets so I could fit it in one. Its size and weight also mean that it will not move when kneading.

The Bakery Boss comes in a few colours. The one I received is Silver Pearl and is the colour I would have picked myself.

Bread making at the Bakery Boss

The first test was bread. As I’ve made a lot, from 1.35kg flour, I’ve mixed it a bit in the Bakery Boss, then divided the dough in half for kneading. I left the dough to rise in two different bowls, as it was too big for only one bowl.

Dough left to rise in the glass bowl of the Bakery Boss

One of the accessories is a very handy lid for the glass bowl. It has a special shape that covers nicely the bowl. I like that I don’t have to use cling film, like I did with the other bowl. Next time I’m going to make less bread, as I usually make, and leave it to rise in the glass bowl. In 25 minutes the dough has risen nicely.

I’ve kneaded the bread for about 7 minutes. It’s how much I usually knead my bread for (in the stand mixer). I would say the texture of the dough was better. As the dough hook is sturdy and the Bakery Boss has planetary mixing motion, the dough got a better texture. Of course, this is something I have to replicate a few times to see if there is a difference, or if there were other factors (humidity, temperature, and so on).

Preparing pizza

I’ve made a big amount of dough because I planned to make two loafs of bread and some pizza. What’s the point of having a new fantastic mixer if you are not going to make pizza?

I haven’t used a rolling pin, but stretched out the pizza dough with my hands, getting it quite thin. I really love the texture of the dough, was so stringy.


This is the baked pizza, with mushrooms, Stilton, and olives.

Pizza. Sliced

and… of course, another picture of pizza. It rise a bit in the oven and it was great. Baking it on a pizza stone made it even more delicious.

Bread. Sliced

The bread turned out great.

The Bakery Boss timer

The timer is very handy. Before I had to put the timer from the oven, but it’s better to have a timer on the machine. This way it makes no difference if I already have the timer of the oven on, while baking.

Whipping egg whites at the Bakery Boss

The bowl is illuminated.

Mixing yolks at the Bakery Boss

I’ve used the double sided Scraper beater for whipping the egg yolks, for the sponge.

 Making the sponge

Besides the 4.7L glass mixing bowl from the previous picture, the Bakery Boss comes with a second 3.8L polished stainless bowl. It’s obviously very useful when making cakes, or cooking multiple things at once.

Whipping the cream at the Bakery Boss

The Bakery Boss has a 1200W motor and 12 speeds, lower ones suitable for dough and higher ones for cream.

Cake made with the help of the Bakery Boss

And this is how the cake looked like, after baking, soaking with Rum syrup, and assembled with fruits and cream.

*I won the prize like in any other competition. Thus I wasn’t supposed to write a review, but I wanted to say thank you and to show how great The Bakery Boss really is.

5 thoughts on “The Bakery Boss

  1. Wow what an incredible prize! I invested in a decent stand mixer a couple of years ago and it’s realky changed my baking! I can’t go back!

  2. brilliant prize 🙂 this looks like a really good, sturdy stand mixer and I’m pleased to hear you got the results you wanted with it. The timer on the stand is a clever idea.
    I’m sure you’ll have fun using the mixer in the future.

  3. wow Anca what a great piece of kit that Bakery Boss is. It looks great, and I love the extras like the timer and the light. thank you for featuring it as a revere, as I had no idea what it did compared to a std mixer. There will be no stopping you now! xx

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