Vegan Cheesecake. Chocolate and Biscoff

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I wanted to make a Vegan Cheesecake for a while now. It was very hard to find a recipe on UK-based blogs, which was a shame. While usually it doesn’t make a lot of difference, it matters when you need to know exactly what kind of product someone used. This is why I mention all the brands when it’s relevant.

As I wanted to make only two pots of vegan cheesecake I didn’t make a baked version. This set beautifully and it could have been easily cut into perfect slices. In addition, as I made the individual cakes, I could leave the biscuits in bigger pieces, which adds a bit of texture. If you want to make this recipe in a cake tin, I would suggest crushing the biscuits in much smaller bits. You can see from the pictures the size of the biscuits, they add an interesting texture.

Vegan Cheesecake. Close up

For my vegan cheesecakes I thought of milk chocolate and Biscoff as two flavours that go together beautifully. To fluff up the cheesecake I used whipped cream. It makes the cheesecake smooth, as the vegan mascarpone is a bit thicker than the dairy one, and, even better, it makes the cream bulkier with not a lot of extra calories. That’s a win-win situation. I decorated the cheesecakes with a bit of grated chocolate and edible pansies from my garden. I was expecting for them to die off, but, luckily, I’m still harvesting lots of flowers from them, even now in mid-November.

Ingredients for 2 pots of Vegan Cheesecake:

for the Biscoff base
– 4 Lotus biscuits (30g)
– 12g vegan butter
for the chocolate layer
– 50g m*lk chocolate Rhythm 108
– 50g Schlagfix Spread Vegan Mascarpone
– 10g whipped cream (Food Heaven Heavenly Spray)
for the Biscoff layer
– 30g Biscoff cream
– 10g whipped cream (Food Heaven Heavenly Spray)
for decoration
– Rhythm 108 chocolate to grate
– edible pansies

Vegan Cheesecake

Start by making the base. Crush the biscuits and pour the melted butter over them. Mix and put the biscuits in the pots.

In a bowl add the chocolate in small pieces and put it in the microwave to melt. Take it out every 10 seconds and stir to melt evenly. Weight the mascarpone and, with a spoon, press it on the sides of the bowl and mix it to soften it a bit. Pour the melted chocolate on top and mix until the chocolate is incorporated in the cheese mix. Add the whipped cream on top and stir until this one too is incorporated.

Vegan Cheesecake, how smooth it is

Now make the second layer, the Biscoff one. In a bowl weight in the Biscoff cream and add the whipped cream on top. Mix until it is smooth and velvety, it should take less than a minute.

Put the chocolate layer on top of the biscuits, level it. Continue with the Biscoff layer and level it as best as you can. You can use the back of a wet spoon to level it easier. Grate chocolate on top for decoration and add the edible flower. Leave in the fridge for 15 to 20 minutes to set. You can leave them for longer if you want to, but it doesn’t need it.

Enjoy your no bake vegan cheesecake.

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    1. Because the biscuits are quite big? I like them like this, also, because I only used 4 biscuits, it would have been a lot of hassle to crush them properly.
      Thank you. x

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