Vegan Chocolate Dessert

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Last week a colleague of mine was looking for some vegan desserts to buy, not knowing if the supermarkets still open would stock something suitable. So I came up with this idea for a very quick Vegan Chocolate Dessert. The recipe takes only 2 minutes to make and it requires only 4 ingredients.

Vegan Chocolate Dessert

My suggestion was for her to get some tart casings or vol-au-vents and fill them with dark chocolate ganache. When I went in the local ASDA I saw that their tarts have both egg and milk in them, which is a bit strange, as pastry can be made with margarine and that was the main ingredient. It’s a bit puzzling why they added two ingredients that will make some people avoid the product, as both of those ingredients are allergens too. Anyway, I found brandy snap baskets which were a better version.

Also, as alternatives, you can put a fresh strawberry or raspberry on top instead of the freeze dried strawberries. Another alternative is to add a spoon of nut butter, such as peanut, almond, or hazelnut in the chocolate ganache, to make it richer.

Ingredients for Vegan Chocolate Dessert. 6 servings:

– a pack of 6 Brandy snaps
– 150g dark chocolate
– 150ml soya milk
– freeze dried strawberries

To make this vegan chocolate dessert, put the chocolate, cut in pieces in soya milk. Heat the chocolate in the microwave for 10 seconds, stir, heat it again, and stir. Do that for a few times, until the chocolate is melted and you have a smooth chocolate cream. Leave it to cool for a bit.

Close up with Vegan Chocolate Dessert

Fill the brandy snap baskets with chocolate ganache and decorate the dessert with freeze dried strawberries.

Vegan Chocolate Dessert is so very easy to make and it is delicious. You can add a bit more milk if you prefer a softer texture for the chocolate ganache. Also, make the desserts just before you want to serve them, because the brandy snaps will soften in time, if they are filled.


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