Vegetarian Panna cotta

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Panna cotta is a lovely dessert that isn’t usually vegetarian because it has to be made using gelatin. I used agar instead of gelatin and after a few trials, I found the perfect balance. It’s a fairly new dessert, made in the 20th century.

01 Vegetarian Panna cotta

Ingredients for 6 servings of Vegetarian Panna cotta:

– 300ml double cream
– 250ml milk
– 50g sugar
– 1tsp of vanilla paste
– 2.5g agar
– chocolate for decor

To make the Vegetarian Panna cotta, mix the agar well with the milk. Pour the milk into a sauce pan together with the cream, sugar and vanilla. Bring the mixture to boil stirring continuously. Afterwards poor it into moulds and pop them in the fridge for a couple of hours. You can use silicone moulds that are easier to release, but even so, you can brush the moulds with oil to make it easier to take out the puds.

Agar handles heat better than gelatin therefore it will harden faster and it takes a higher heat to melt it.

02 Vegetarian Panna cotta

When the Panna cotta is set, remove it from the moulds and serve it with grated chocolate. Alternatively, you can serve it with fresh berries or coulis.

I hope you enjoyed my recipe.

2 thoughts on “Vegetarian Panna cotta

  1. Really love your vegetarian panda cotta
    Could you kindly tell me how much in tbsp is 2.5gm agar as I have a very big pack .thks so much

    1. Agar must be weight in with a precision scale. If you put 3g or 2g, the panna cotta will not set as it should, it will be too hard or not set at all. If you have a big pack of agar, buy a precision scale, it’s not too expensive and it will be very helpful.

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