Creamy leeks

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After I cooked this dish I searched it on google and found out is actually French. I used different spices from the original recipe and I’m glad I did, as I liked it a lot with the nutmeg.
The recipe has only 2 ingredients and some spices, give it a go, it’s really delicious.

01 Creamy leeks

– 700g fresh leeks
– 150ml single cream
– 1 spoon of oil
– sea salt and nutmeg

02 Leek and cream salad
Slice the leeks and put them in a pan on medium heat with the oil. Let them fry slightly without turning brown.

03  Leek and cream salad
Add the cream, salt and nutmeg and stir.

04 Leek and cream salad
In a couple of minutes the leeks are ready.

05 Leek and cream salad

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