3 Flowers cheesecake

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The cake is called 3 flowers because the flavours are rose for the pink one, violet for the purple one and vanilla for the yellow one. I wasn’t sure if all these flavours go together, but they do and the cake was amazingly delicious.

For the last challenge for Great British Bake Off, I’ve made a 3 flavours cheesecake. The showstopper should be made from 3 baked cheesecakes, but that would be too much cheesecake, so I made only 1. I decided to make a no-bake one because I liked the recipe.

01 3 flowers cheesecake rose violet and vanilla

Ingredients for 3 Flowers cheesecake – base:

– 250g digestive biscuits
– 90g butter

For the base, melt the butter in a pan over medium heat. Put the biscuits in a food processor and blitz them, add the butter and pulse until combined.
I used a 24 cm springform cake tin for my cake, but a smaller one should work as well. Press the biscuits firmly into the base. Put the base in the fridge to chill while you make the filling.

Ingredients for 3 Flowers cheesecake – cheese cream:

– 500g full fat soft cheese
– 300ml double cream
– 80g icing sugar
– 1 teaspoon vanilla paste
– rose water
– violet flavour
– food colouring
– dried rose petals

With a spatula, beat the cream cheese and icing sugar. Add the icing sugar slowly. In another bowl, whisk the double cream until it forms soft peaks. Fold in the cheese.
Then divide the mixture into 3 bowls and add the flavours and food colouring. Add the food colouring a little at a time, so the cake will not become too colourful. The colours should be soft.

Place the dividers on the biscuit base. Don’t forget to butter the dividers so the cheesecake can be released easier. Using a spoon, put the mixture into the dividers and after that on the rest of the cake. Chill the cake for at least a couple of hours.
When you want to serve the cake, using a blow torch, slightly heat up the dividers so you can take them out.

I used a spoon to press them down gently while hubby was pulling the dividers. Then sprinkle the rose petals on top of the cake.

I hope you liked my recipe.

14 thoughts on “3 Flowers cheesecake

  1. Very clever idea to encompass 3 different cheesecake flavours in one cake. And it looks yummy too,
    Angela x

  2. I love the idea of putting 3 different cheesecakes into one! It looks very yummy! I may try this when I get chance. #binkylinky

  3. I’ve never seen a cheesecake like this before! Fab idea and I’m curious as to what it tasted it like. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  4. I was a bit confused when I first looked at the picture but what a fun idea! I bet they all tasted great #gbbo

  5. Wow that is the most interesting cheesecake I’ve ever seen – it looks amazing with the different colours and all!

  6. This looks so pretty, with such unusual flavours too! I love the original design of putting two inside the larger one.

  7. Such a clever idea, this looks so so pretty! I bet the idea could be used with loads of things 🙂 #gbbobloggers2015

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