Almonds and hazelnut flavour biscotti

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For the next #GBBO bake along challenge I’ve baked biscotti. It was the first time I’ve baked them and double-bake sounds scary when in fact is quite simple. It takes time, but the biscotti worth the extra work, they are delicious.

The history of biscotti started in the 13th century and it had to do with lifestyle in a day and a time prior to preservatives. They needed a cookie for travelling and the only way to make these “cookies” suitable for travel, oil and eggs were left out on purpose. The new recipes are made with eggs, some with oil and it’s a more luxurious item that focuses on flavour.

I decided to make a traditional biscotti with almonds, the only twist was to add the hazelnut flavour. I have decided to bake them in the regular oven.

01 Biscotti with almonds and hazelnut flavour GGBO

Ingredients for 24 biscotti:
– 250g plain white flour
– 140g chopped toasted almonds
– 3 medium eggs
– 60g demerara sugar
– 120g sugar
– 1 teaspoon baking powder

Preheat the oven at 180C (160C fan). Mix the flour with the sugar and baking powder. Beat the eggs with the hazelnut flavour. Afterwards add them to the dry ingredients, a little at a time, stirring until you make the dough.

I used all 3 eggs and the dough was a little sticky, but it meant it raised more. The traditional recipe asks for a non-sticky version. Add the chopped almonds and mix them well into the dough. Make a log and bake it for 30 minutes.

Remove it from the oven and let it cool on a cooling rack for 10-15 minutes. Cut the log into 24 biscotti and place them on a baking tray. Bake them for 10 minutes in the oven. Get them out, turn them on the other side and bake again for another 10 minutes. The second bake, of 10 minutes each is meant to dry out the biscotti.
Take them out of the oven and leave them to cool on a cooling rack.

9 thoughts on “Almonds and hazelnut flavour biscotti

  1. They look delicious. I know what you mean about the baking and double baking sounding a bit scary but definitely worth the results

  2. These look amazing! Really nice bake, and I’m pleased I found your other bake along from Girl In Brogues – there seems to be a lot of variations in the blogging world! Alice xx

    1. Thank you Alice x I agree, a lot of variations, is so exciting, isn’t it? More recipes to read and get inspiration from.

  3. Your biscotti look delicious and almond and hazelnut together sounds very good, a classic combination.
    Thanks for linking up with #PerfectingPatisserie!

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