Burger bowl

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I had a Burger bowl at NEAT in London and loved it so much that I ordered it again and again. It is more filling than a regular burger with bread and, of course, it is a much healthier option too. I recreated the one I had at NEAT using no-beef burgers. This goes lovely with no-chicken burgers too. You can oven-bake some fries and make a delicious meal at home that is lower in calories too. Also, by baking the fries it means you have to do less work and less washing up too.

Burger bowl

I used M&S no-beef burger from their Plant Kitchen range, but there are many other options, as all supermarkets have vegan alternatives, besides brands such as Beyond Meat (who have burgers similar when it comes to fat and protein to the beef ones).

The tomato sauce is made at home by mixing tomato puree with passata, herbs, salt and pepper. You can heat it or not. Alternatively you can use shop-bought ketchup. We prefer the homemade one and it takes a couple of minutes to make. The lettuce I got was a bit big, so I used only 2/3 of it. The leftover lettuce was put in a bag and in the fridge for the following day. It keeps well.

Ingredients for 2 burger bowls:

– 2 no-beef burgers
– 1 lettuce
– 1 avocado
– tomato sauce
– mayo
– 1 tomato
– grated cheeze
– mini peppers
– sour cream (optional)
– salt
– pepper

Close up with Burger bowl

Start by making the burgers. While the pan is heating, you can wash and slice the lettuce. Cook the burgers according to the instructions on the packaging. Meanwhile, wash and peel the avocado, mash it with a fork. Add salt and pepper to the avocado and mix. Wash and cut the tomato in slices.

When the burger is done, transfer it on the chopping board and cut it.

Prepare the bowl by adding a bed of lettuce. Put some mayo and tomato sauce over the lettuce, sprinkle cheeze, scoop the avocado on a side, and arrange the tomatoes on the other side. Toss in some mini peppers and arrange the burger pieces on top. Drizzle some sour cream or mayo on top and enjoy this beautiful and healthy lunch.

Have you had a burger bowl before? Do you like them?

4 thoughts on “Burger bowl

  1. I’ve never had a burger bowl before and it looks delicious! I don’t usually put lettuce or tomato on a burger, but I think I’d really like them utilized in this way. Pickles or pickled red onions would be a nice addition, too.
    Kelly recently posted…City by Clifford D. SimakMy Profile

    1. Yes, pickles are a good idea and I include them too, not always. After having my first burger bowl, I had it many times and made it at home too, because it is a healthy lunch.
      Here most burgers have a bit of lettuce and maybe a slice of tomatoes. I like adding more of these and less bread and also less sauces.

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