Vegan doughnuts

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In Eastern Europe doughnuts are usually deep fried. I shared some recipes before for baked ones, but these vegan doughnuts are made as closely as possible to the ones I knew as a child. These are very good, well worth trying.

Vegan doughnuts

The unusual thing about these doughnuts is that the dough is wet. It makes it harder to work with, but the doughnuts will be fluffy and delicious.

Ingredients for Vegan doughnuts:

– 250g strong white flour
– 200ml warm vegan milk
– 1 satchel of yeast, 7g
– 1 pinch of turmeric for colour
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 50g sugar
– oil for frying

Add the flour in the mixing bowl, make a well and add the yeast and the sugar in it. If you want them a bit sweeter you can add 75g of sugar instead. Warm the milk slightly and add a pinch of turmeric in it to dissolve. Initially it won’t look too yellow but it will intensify once incorporated into the dough. Don’t add too much or it will look too yellow and look artificial. Add the vanilla extract to the warm milk too, dissolve it and pour it on top of the yeast.

Knead the dough in the stand mixer for about 8 minutes at medium speed. The dough will be on the wet side. Use a silicone spatula to form a ball in the centre of the mixing bowl, cover it and leave it to rise for 1 hour or until it doubles in size.

Once it has risen, oil the worktop, put some oil on your hands and turn out the dough on the worktop. Split it into evenly sized balls. You need to have your hands oiled as the dough will be very sticky and wet, very different than bread dough.

Vegan doughnuts. How they look inside

Use your hands to shape the doughnuts and leave them on the worktop for another 30 to 45 minutes to rise.

Meanwhile, heat up oil in a pan. Make sure that it is not too hot, otherwise they will burn on the outside and remain raw in the inside.
When frying them, you might need to switch the hob between 2 consecutive heat levels.

Fry the doughnuts for 1-2 minutes on each side until brown. Take them out and leave them on a paper kitchen towel to remove the excess oil. When serving the vegan doughnuts you can dust them with icing sugar.

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