Chilled pea soup

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I usually make hot soup for breakfast and I usually don’t take pictures, even though I should. Well, after a meal at the well known vegetarian Bistro 1847 in Manchester, I’ve decided to make a chilled soup myself.

01 Chilled pea soup with cauliflower and olive oil

Early in the morning, I looked in my freezer and decided to make a pea and cauliflower soup. It tasted delicious, this is why I got some pictures, so I can share my recipe with you. It was a sort of an experiment, but it turned out to be a very tasty experiment to make.

Ingredients for Chilled pea soup. 6 servings:

– 340g garden peas in water, drained
– 400g frozen cauliflower
– salt and white pepper

Blend the peas and the cauliflower using a blender with ice crushing function. Pour water and add the spices before blending the soup until is smooth.

You can now add a spoon of olive oil on top and some herbs and the soup is ready to be served. Enjoy.

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