Kalettes with polenta

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The second Kalettes recipe I’m sharing is Kalettes with polenta. I loved it, my husband loved it too. This one too is easy to make and healthy.

Kalettes with polenta

Ingredients for 2 servings:
– 1 bag of Kalettes
– 70g cornmeal
– salt
– 2 spoons of olive oil
– Nigella seeds
– black pepper

Make the polenta according to the cooking instructions on the bag. I don’t keep my polenta on the hob as much as they recommend because I don’t think it needs such a long time.
To make the polenta as I did, mix the cornmeal with 125 ml cold water and salt in a bowl. On the hob put a sauce pan with 375ml water and bring it to boil. When the water is boiling, tip the cornmeal and start stirring with a wooden spoon. Stir for a couple of minutes. The polenta will bubble, so cover it with a lid and stir from time to time. I keep my polenta on the hob for 10 minutes or even less, it should be smooth.
In a frying pan, heat the oil. Toss in the kalettes and stir or shake the pan. Sprinkle the salt and continue to stir/shake. Keep the veggies on the hob for a couple of minutes, no more. Add the Nigella seeds and the black pepper and stir/shake again.

Scoop the polenta with the spoon and spread it evenly on the plate. Put the kalettes on top and the dish is ready to be served.

One thought on “Kalettes with polenta

  1. I can never get enough of polenta these days. 🙂 Such a simple and delicious dish, I would love to eat that for lunch, if I could only get some kalettes…

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