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Mici are Romanian kebabs. The word “mic” means small or little and these kebabs are usually small, even smaller than the ones in the picture. Mici are made with bicarbonate of soda and that gives them a very distinct flavour, very different than other types of kebabs.


In the summer mici are made everywhere in Romania, on the beaches, at the seaside, in the resorts, at the restaurants, and on BBQs at home or when out at a picnic. Mici are the Romanian equivalent of fish and chips, just as traditional, just as well known, just as loved.

Mici - Romanian kebabs

Traditionally mici are made with meat, obviously, but, of course, I made a vegan version of them. For the first time I made with two types of vegan meat, from Meat-Free mince and Beyond Meat sausages. The ones made with Beyond Meat were so similar to the standard ones, it’s incredible. So, I only mention them in the recipe. Beyond Meat is available in UK, US, and other dozens of countries. In the picture above two mici are made with Beyond and one (the slightly bigger one) is made with mince. If you want to try these and the only option is mince, add a bit of oil, half of teaspoon, and also a bit of salt and pepper too.

Mici are usually served with mustard and fries, and, of course, fresh bread. The most important aspect is to leave the mici for a few hours or overnight before cooking.

Ingredients for 6 to 8 mici:

– 400g Beyond Meat Sausages, or 4 sausages
– 1tbs garlic paste
– 1tbs bbq seasoning
– 1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda
– 1tbs smoked paprika
– 1tsp ground cumin
– cold water

Start by pealing off the “skin” from the sausages. Put the meat in a bowl and toss in the spices and the bicarbonate on top. Mix all the ingredients until you make a paste. Add water gradually if needed for the paste. Put it in a sealed container and leave in the fridge for at least a few hours. It’s better to leave the mici paste overnight in the fridge.

Heat a frying pan or heat up the BBQ. Shape them with wet hands so the paste doesn’t stick to your hands. Place the mici on the BBQ and leave them to cook, turning them once in a while, so they cook evenly.

Enjoy them with a glass of beer or juice, mustard, and fries.

7 thoughts on “Mici

    1. Beyond are so good. I know that are many more options in US, but it’s amazing that we can buy some from here anyway. Do try to make mici with Beyond, they will have a very different taste. 🙂

    1. They look very real, that’s true, especially the ones made with Beyond Meat. I love their brand, the meat is so realistic and delicious.

  1. Anca!! I am so so so happy to find your recipes. My boyfriend is from Dobrogea and I am vegan, he is vegetarian, and I try to veganize all his childhood recipes.
    I make my own mici recipe usually with Beyond ground but I am excited to try it with the sausages, I hadn’t even thought if it. I was also considering getting fancy and combining sausages with ground (to imitate the traditional mix of beef/pork)

    So excited to try the hamsii recipe you posted and many others.
    cu drag si multumesc!!

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