My Easter Menu

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I hope everybody who celebrated Easter had a wonderful time. I wanted to share what I prepared for Easter because it’s a great way to get inspiration when I’m deciding on the menu for next year. We didn’t have a 4 course meal, but we had starters in the morning, then desserts, then soup and main. So I will talk about the dishes as we had them.

01 My Easter Menu

As every year, I made the traditional dyed&decorated eggs. I love decorating boiled eggs and they are delicious with mayo and the other starters.

02 My Easter Menu

To avoid adding too many pictures, I made two collages, for starters and desserts. From left-up, the starters I made are: mushrooms and gherkins salad with mayo, grilled courgettes with balsamic vinegar, terrine with cheese and spring onion (similar recipe here), pepper jam, homemade mayo with cauliflower and butter with olive oil and herbs.
I usually make terrine, similar recipe here, mushrooms and gherkins salad and cauliflower mayo. Also, the butter spread is similar to the ones I made before.
It’s the first time I make pepper jam. I love onion jam and I discovered a jar of Polish pepper paste, similar to tomato paste. I tried this pepper jam and it turned out delicious. I liked it a lot. I will share the recipe next time I’m making it.

03 My Easter Menu

I made bagels for the first time. They were yummy, but I need to adjust the recipe. I enjoyed making them and I will make them again. When I’m 100% happy with the result, I will share the recipe.

04 My Easter Menu

Hot cross buns with cinnamon and raisins, the original recipe. I will share the recipe next year, in the build-up to Easter. They were fab, as always.

05 My Easter Menu

Simnel Cake. I made Simnel Cake last year too. It’s similar to Christmas Fruit Cake, but with a layer of marzipan in the middle. I decorated the cake with the fondant bunny I made a couple of weeks ago. But yesterday morning, I decided to add a few more flowers to make it more colourful. I think Simnel Cake will be always on our Easter menu, it’s just delicious.

06 My Easter Menu

Now I’ll talk about more desserts, we do have a sweet tooth in our family. From left-up, there are 3 chocolate loafs. It’s a Romanian traditional dessert for celebrations called cozonac. This time I’ve made the big one with vanilla dough and chocolate dough, filled with Turkish delight. The two small ones are with chocolate dough filled with walnuts and glace cherries. Simnel cake, choux filled with mango cream and white chocolate on top and strawberry-tiramisu.

07 My Easter Menu

I made a parsnip and cauliflower soup. We have a soup or a smoothie each day, so soup it’s always on the menu. A good way to add some veggies.

08 My Easter Menu

The main was roasted baby potatoes, grilled halloumi and Oyster mushrooms with sundried tomatoes. With a glass of red wine, the main was fabulous.

This was my menu this Easter. If you’ve celebrated, what did you prepare?

3 thoughts on “My Easter Menu

  1. Oh, everything looks delicious and I am looking forward to that recipe for the pepper jam. I’ve made slow-cooked lamb with celeriac mash and peas, lemon pudding with apple puree and prajitura Tosca. 🙂 And eggs, eggs, eggs, still have so many.

  2. Wow Anca, what a feast! I have to agree Simnel cake is so delicious isn’t it so I’m really not surprised that you’re going to make it each yr for Easter. I love your fondant bunny rabbit too – he’s cute. I didn’t do too much in the kitchen this yr, we spent time with my parents and got out for a couple of long walks too.
    Angela x

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