Pancakes. A round-up

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Tomorrow is Pancake Day! When I heard about this and learned is actually a religious holiday I was amazed. Over the years I shared a few recipes for pancakes and crepes, so I’m going to make a round-up today. This weekend we had some coffee pancakes, which seemed like a great idea, but, when filled, the coffee flavour was lost. So, I’m not sharing a recipe for those, as is unlikely anybody would have the pancakes without lots and lots of filling.

Savoury Crepes

Savoury Crepes – recipe here – are one of my favourite ways to have crepes. I use all sorts of fillings, mushrooms, beans, anything you like. I’ve had savoury crepes since I was a child and I sill love them.

Spinach pancakes

Spinach Pancakes – recipe here – made with boiled spinach. I will try to make it with spinach powder, as I got some from the superfoods shop. It should have a more intense colour.
These too can be eaten with all sorts of savoury toppings and salad. They make for a pretty luxurious and delicious breakfast, without having to faff around to make them for too long.

Crepes Suzette – recipe here – are a bit different. I’ve seen them at Master Chef and I was curious to make them. They are delicious and very different than the crepes I knew.

Rose pancakes stack with syrup and rose petals

Rose Pancakes – recipe here – made with beetroot powder for colour and rose water for flavour. They are not only delicious, but incredibly cute. I’ve put some carob syrup on them, at that time, but some rose jam would have been better. I did not have then, but now I have, so I might make a batch for tomorrow.

Vegan pancakes

Last, but not least, Vegan pancakes – recipe here – which are fluffy and delicious. One wouldn’t know they are eggs free. The orange juice makes them really nice.

Do you celebrate Pancake Day?

3 thoughts on “Pancakes. A round-up

  1. Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival: by any name, there will be lots of decadent partying going on tomorrow. My church always has a big oyster supper with plenty of raw oysters, beer, and King Cake.

    Pancakes are one of those things I don’t have very often. I’ve tried making vegan versions, some successful, some not. I need to try your recipe, they look wonderful! Orange and chocolate pair together well!
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