Pineapple on the BBQ

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I love grilled pineapple, with some whipped cream and muscovado sugar on top, recipe here. A few days ago I baked a pizza on the BBQ and for dessert, I’ve baked the pineapple. It was such a great idea. Cooked like this, the pineapple is fantastically delicious. I loved it and my husband loved it too. It’s something we will keep in mind every time we plan having a BBQ in the garden, on a sunny day.

01 Pineapple on the BBQ

The recipe is as it sounds: take a pineapple, slice it, and put it on a hot BBQ. To make life easier, line the BBQ with foil. Like this, you will not have to do a lot of cleaning afterwards, as you can easily dispose of the foil and leave the grill clean and ready for next BBQ you are going to make. In a few minutes, flip the pineapple slices on the other side and let them cook. The pineapple was so tasty, it’s even slightly sweeter than the raw one and its texture is softer and nicer. It does feel like a dessert on its own.

04 Pineapple on the BBQ

You can add a bit of whipped cream to serve it or a bit scoop of vanilla ice cream. You can enjoy it as it is, or you can sprinkle some spices on top, like cinnamon or cardamom. It is so easy to make and, of course, it adds to your 5-a-day, while enjoying a sunny day out, cooking (I imagine not very healthy foods) on the BBQ. I think making some pineapples like this can be a very nice way to make children enjoy some fruits and have a wonderful time cooking them as well.

Did you BBQ fruits before? Which ones? I’d love to hear more ideas on fruits that would be great baked on the BBQ.

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