Raw cauliflower cous-cous

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I saw a similar recipe in a TV show and I thought it sounds intriguing. So I’ve decided to give it a try. This recipe can also be called cauliflower rice. After preparing the meal hubby asked me what I cooked and, let’s say, he was reluctant. But, in the end, he actually loved it. The raw cauliflower is so tasty. I paired it with Linda McCartney vegan sausages and the meal was a delight.

The cous-cous is very easy to make, it took me only a few minutes to get it ready for serving. As the dish is raw cauliflower with spices and some rapeseed oil, it’s amazingly healthy and very low in calories.


Ingredients for 2 big servings:
– 1 medium cauliflower
– 3 spoons of rapeseed oil
– sea salt
– smoked paprika
– dried basil and dried parsley

Wash the cauliflower and remove the florets. Put them in the food processor and blitz them until they look like cous-cous. Be careful not to overdone it, as this can turn the cauliflower into a puree. If you have a smaller food processor, put the cauliflower in batches. Tip the cauliflower into a big bowl.
Heat the oil slightly and add the salt and the spices. Stir for a minute. Remove from heat and pour the oil on top of the cauliflower. Stir with a spoon until all the oil is mixed into the cauliflower cous-cous.
The side dish is ready to be served.

Have you ever tried raw cauliflower cous-cous? If not, would you try it?

5 thoughts on “Raw cauliflower cous-cous

  1. I haven’t tried the couscous no but I did try to make cauliflower fried rice I.e substitute the rice for cauli. Did not work as I couldn’t get the cauli to shred well!!

    1. Try with small batches in the food processor. I used my small food processor to make this cous-cous and put the cauliflower in 3 batches. Fried “rice” sounds great, I will try it. xx

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