Romanian Mushrooms Soup

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Romanian Mushrooms Soup is a misleading name when I think of its history, but it is a very relevant name due to its ingredients and, of course, the inspiration behind it. This is also the third recipe in a row of Romanian dishes, after Iahnie de fasole and Coconut squares.

Romanian Mushrooms Soup is my take on Ciorba de burta. In Romanian cuisine there is a difference between soup (supa) and sour soup (ciorba). After becoming vegetarian 12 years ago, I missed this soup, which is originally made with beef belly. I discovered that, in soup, Oyster mushrooms or Shiitake mushrooms have a similar texture, so this soup works great with any of them. The soup is served in traditional Romanian bowls.

Romanian Mushrooms Soup

This soup is often served with garlic and vinegar, in restaurants and at home, so each one can adjust the soup according to their taste. I did not include specific weights for garlic and vinegar for this reason. Adding cream and vinegar in a soup can split it. So, you can decide to add the vinegar when you are serving the soup instead of adding it in the pan. Also, you can add a splash of oil when serving for a richer taste.

Ingredients for 4 servings of Romanian Mushrooms Soup:

– 120g Shiitake mushrooms
– 1 onion
– 1 carrot
– salt
– 1 free range egg
– 200ml Vegan Single Cream Oatly
– garlic paste
– vinegar

Start by boiling the carrot and the onion. In a bowl put the washed mushrooms and pour boiling water on top. Leave the vegetables to boil for 25 minutes.

Romanian Mushrooms Soup. close up

Take out the vegetables from the broth and put them aside. You can use these in another recipe, like risotto or for a sauce. Take the mushrooms out and cut them in slices. Put the mushrooms in the broth and bring to boil. Meanwhile, in a bowl, beat the egg and pour the cream. Add garlic paste and vinegar (optional, see suggestions mentioned before the ingredients). Incorporate all the ingredients. Pour this mixture on top of the mushroom water. Stir and pour this mixture on the broth which is now simmering on the hob. Stir and remove from the heat. Add some salt, taste, and add a bit more salt if you think is necessary.

The soup is ready to be served.

3 thoughts on “Romanian Mushrooms Soup

  1. This soup sounds devine, and definitely going to be tested out as i love mushrooms, and this is different from how i make mushroom soup. Love the bowl too.

  2. The right kind of soup to cheer up any mushroom enthusiast. Definitely sharing this recipe with my friends and family.

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