Smoked Sea Salt

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I bought some Smoked Sea Salt and forgot about it. Now, when I went through the cupboards, I discovered it and I was very curious to see how it is. So, I’ve tried it and I wanted to share my thoughts about it.

Smoked Sea Salt

First of all, this Smoked Sea Salt is made in Scotland, by hand. The company who produced this is called Smoky Brae. It is a family-run business, started as a garden experiment now they have a purpose built smokery. You can buy salt from their website and it is also available in some farm shops and garden centres.

The product is suitable for vegans, as it is just sea salt, smoked over hardwood. A 100g package is £4. They also have lots of other spices and smoked sugar. I got a pack of sugar too and I am eager to try that one as well.

The sea salt is tasty and on salads or tomatoes works great. As long as the salt is the main spice, you can taste the flavour of the smoke. The trouble is if you add the smoked sea salt on a dish which is flavoured with other spices too. I used the smoked salt on risotto and I can’t say that I could taste the smokiness of the salt. I don’t add lots of salt on my food, as it is not healthy.

For me, the smoked sea salt is good, but only on salads or tomatoes, cucumber. This is how I will use it. I’m not sure that I would buy it again, because it is much more expensive than sea salt. At the same time, a pack of salt lasts for a long time and I did like how it tasted on fresh veggies.

Have you ever tried smoked sea salt? Is it something you’d be interested in having?

3 thoughts on “Smoked Sea Salt

  1. I’ve never tried smoked salt, but would like to. I think putting it on tomatoes sounds great!

    I’ve just bought more of the Kala Namak I discovered last year. I really like the flavor it gives my tofu scramble. I’ve also used it in vinaigrettes for salads.

  2. I love smoked salt along with some crushed pepper, olive oil and lemon to marinate salmon and bake them.
    Such an amazing post and some smart ideas to use on cucumbers and tomatoes, will sprinkle on salads now. Thanks

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