Banana and apricot crumble

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I made banana bread a few times while in lockdown, as one can easily assume. I thought of an alternative for my very ripe bananas and that is a banana and apricot crumble. It was delicious and I plan to make it again this week. I did not add any sugar in it, as both the bananas and the apricots were very ripe. I might also make one with bananas and strawberries, because I like the sound of that.

Banana and apricot crumble

This dessert is gluten free, as I’ve used coconut flour instead of regular flour. It’s also vegan because I used oil for the crumble. I served my banana and apricot crumble with some delicious vegan vanilla ice-cream. Of course, it works just as great with custard.
Because I’ve used coconut flour the crumble did not clump as it would have done with wheat flour. Use the one you like best. I think I will use wheat flour next time. Another point I need to make is about the bananas. They will change their colour after are left in the fridge overnight, so, if you don’t like that, make as much as you need for the day. I am not bothered on the colour change, but I thought I should mention it anyway.

Banana and apricot crumble. Ingredients for 6 servings:

– 500g ripe apricots
– 2 very ripe bananas
– 4 spoons of water (you can use fruit juice if you want to)
– 150g porridge oats
– 50g coconut flour
– 50ml oil

Start by preheating the oven at 180C or 160C fan.

Wash the apricots, peel the bananas, and slice them. I chopped the apricots in 4 and the bananas in slices. Put the fruits in the non-stick baking tray.

Banana and apricot crumble. Close up

Put the oats and the coconut flour in a bowl and mix. Add the oil and the water and mix until it resembles breadcrumbs. Scoop the crumble on top of the fruits.

Put the baking tray in the oven and bake for about 30 minutes to 40 minutes. This crumble takes less to bake than other crumbles I’ve made. To make sure I don’t burn them, I always put the timer at 20 or 25 minutes and have a look in the oven. I also take the opportunity to flip the baking tray, so the crumble bakes evenly, if I don’t use the fan oven.

Have you had a banana crumble before?

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