Tofu Fish

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Tofu Fish and Chips is something I love to order when we go to the restaurant. Last month I bought a new cookbook, BOSH. I already had one from them and it was really nice, so I thought I should take advantage and get another one too. I’m glad I did because I saw this recipe and wanted to try it. It’s delicious.

Tofu Fish

Their recipe covers fried-chips too, but I preferred to make oven baked chips, minted mushy peas, and sauce. I made the sauce slightly different than in the book, with salad cream instead of mayo, as I had none, and with spring onions instead of shallots. Also, the mushy peas are a faster version, with a bit of olive oil, freshly grated peppercorns, and dried mint.

I made their version, but I discovered that the batter was too much for the amount of fish, so, in my recipe I’ve adjusted it accordingly. As per instructions, I’ve used extra firm tofu, but I think firm tofu would work better for this recipe, so next time I’m going to make it with firm tofu instead. I would also suggest leaving the tofu to marinate for a few hours. My recipe is a bit different, as I’ve changed cornflour with cornmeal. As for ale, I’ve used TOAST, of course.

Tofu Fish and Chips. BOSH

Tofu fish and chips. Ingredients for 4 servings:

– 450g extra firm tofu
– 1 nori sheet
– 200ml white wine
– lemon juice from a lemon
– 1 tsp caper brine
– salt
– 90g plain white flour
– 20g cornmeal
– 120ml ale
– salt
– pepper

Press the tofu between two plates, putting a weight on. I would suggest a big can of something, but make sure it will not fall. Leave it for an hour to drain the liquid.

Make the marinade by mixing in a bowl the white wine, lemon juice, and the caper brine. Cut the tofu and put it in the marinade. Turn it from time to time, so it soaks the marinade. I would suggest leaving for at least a few hours.

Make the batter for the tofu fish by mixing in a bowl the flour, cornmeal, ale, and season with salt and pepper. The batter will be thick. Cut the nori sheet into pieces similar in size to the tofu pieces. Scoop the tofu from the marinade and press the nori pieces on top of the tofu. They will stick to it. Brush the tofu with a bit of the marinade if extra moisture is needed. Cover the tofu in batter.

Heat the oil over medium heat and put the tofu fish in the oil to cook. Fry for 3 to 4 minutes, turning it once. Transfer the cooked tofu on a plate lined with kitchen roll, so the excess oil is absorbed by it.
Place the fish on a plate and add the chips, mushy peas, and sauce. The meal is ready to be served, with a lovely glass of white wine, if you fancy.

5 thoughts on “Tofu Fish

    1. Thank you.
      I was not keen on fish, real fish, but I love the vegan alternative to fish. :)) Do try them, maybe you discover you actually like them.

  1. I had to look up ‘nori’, but then discovered it was seaweed and I love that anyway, so tasty!

    I don’t generally fry any food at home and don’t own a fryer, as we cook nothing in fat or oil at all! The only time we have fried are the occasional visits to the fish & chip shop and that is only a couple of times a year.

    I would have a really hard time convincing Dave that tofu fish was anything other than it is, but I might be prepared to try it and I would definitely give the mushy pea recipe a try!

    It is presented very professionally in your picture, definitely cook book standard! 🙂

    1. I like seaweed too. Have you tried the Itsu seaweed thins? They are available at many supermarkets. I just love that too.
      I rarely fry stuff at home, maybe once every six months, but I do love vegan fish when we are eating out (can be made with jackfruit or tofu or banana blossom) and as I can’t go out, we tried this at home.

      Thank you very much. I love taking pictures of the food or, in fact, in general. 🙂

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