Tomato and olives pasta

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I’ve made a simple and tasty option for lunch as it’s a very busy period. It took me only 20 minutes to prepare the tomato and olives pasta dish. I used homemade tomato sauce that I had in the fridge. To make it, wiz a few tomatoes or can tomatoes in the food processor, add thick tomato paste and cook it on the hob for a few minutes. If you want, you can add spices or leave it as it is.
I use this type of sauce on the pizza base too. As for the olives, I used big green pitted ones. I think they have more flavour than the smaller ones.

01 Tomato and olives pasta recipe

Ingredients for 4 small servings:
– 300g wholemeal pasta
– 175g tomato sauce
– 70g olives
– 70g soft cheese
– 100g cheddar
– basil, parsley, salt

Bring to boil 3l of water and add the pasta. Cook it as it says on the package. Meanwhile, cut the olives in slices and grate the cheddar.
When the pasta is cooked, drain it and add the cheddar, the soft cheese, the tomato paste and the salt and herbs. Mix it thoroughly. Add the olive slices and mix them carefully so they will retain their shape.

The pasta is ready to be served.

Do you cook pasta often? Which recipe do you prefer?

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  1. Beyond hungry, of course, do you know what your posts make me feel? Happy! Can’t wait to try this recipe.

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