Basic Fresh Pasta Recipe

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I’ve been meaning to make Fresh Pasta for a while, but I thought it takes a lot of time and kept postponing it. I was wrong, making pasta is actually quite easy if you have a pasta machine and takes minutes. I made a basic pasta dough with only 2 ingredients just to see how it goes. I will make more recipes with herbs, spinach, beetroot and sweet too.


Basic Fresh Pasta Recipe – Ingredients for 8 servings of spaghetti:

– 600g white plain flour
– 6 eggs

Start by fixing the pasta machine firmly to the worktop. It has to be fixed so it will not slide on the worktop.

In a food processor put the flour and the eggs. Mix it until it forms a dough. It should take only a minute or less.

Tip the dough onto the floured worktop and knead it slightly. If the dough it’s too wet add more flour. The dough should not be sticky.

After you made the dough, pass it through the pasta machine on the first setting, the widest. Fold the rolled pasta and pass it through the machine again. Repeat this for 3-4 times.

To make the spaghetti, pass the dough on the widest setting. Dust the dough with flour and pass it again on the 2nd setting. Dust it with flour and pass it again on the 3rd and, after that, on the 4th setting. The pasta is now ready to be cut as spaghetti.

Switch the handle on the pasta machine and feed the rolled dough on the spaghetti cutter. Put the spaghetti on the floured worktop, sprinkle flour over the pasta. By using your hands, coat the pasta in flour so it doesn’t stick. Basically you can just play with it.

Basic Fresh Pasta Recipe
The pasta is ready. You can cook it immediately or leave it to dry and use it afterwords.

I hope you enjoyed my recipe. Do you make your own pasta?

2 thoughts on “Basic Fresh Pasta Recipe

  1. This looks good! I’m not brave enough to try making my own pasta yet and I don’t have the necessary equipment.

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