Christmas menu 2015

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This Christmas I asked my husband to take pictures of all the food so I can make a round up of what I cooked. The only two things I had no pictures of where the soup, panna cotta that hubby made and shop-bought Christmas pudding.

01 Christmas menu 2015

I wanted to finish all the preparations fast and set up a 4 hours limit. I went over and finished the prep in 4 hours and a half, but I made the soup that wasn’t planned.

02 Christmas menu 2015

I made creamy leeks, a recipe I made before which I like a lot.

03 Christmas menu 2015

Roasted peppers were another one of my starters.

04 Christmas menu 2015

I prefer homemade bread, so I baked a couple of loafs for Christmas. I used 60% white and 40% wholemeal and I don’t have the recipe for this one, but it’s pretty much the same as this bread recipe.

05 Christmas menu 2015

I love marinated olives and I often make them at home. I used big green olives and Kalamata olives and infused them with herbs, garlic and oil.

06 Christmas menu 2015

This is roasted aubergine salad, a starter I had for Christmas since I was little.

07 Christmas menu 2015

I love cheese and this year I bought lots of different flavours of cheese, some from supermarket and some from a Christmas fair I’ve been to last month. The cheese is flavoured with, from top left, smoked, Stilton, plum chutney and on the second row is Irish Whiskey, walnuts, Stout and Red Wine. All of them were delicious.

08 Christmas menu 2015

Onion jam, also called Confit D’Oignon. Goes beautifully with cheese.

09 Christmas menu 2015

Cavolo nero pie with herb oil and beetroot puree.

10 Christmas menu 2015

The main was supposed to be a nut roast, but I didn’t look at the recipe carefully and while I’m sure it tastes good, it didn’t have the texture I was looking for. I’ve added too much wet ingredients. So instead I made some Quorn I had in the freezer and the rest of the ingredients were exactly as I wanted them to be.
The veggies were: roasted baby potatoes with herbs, roasted carrots with cayenne pepper, roasted Brussel sprouts with pepper. I also made a onion jus. It took a long time to make the jus, but it was worth it, just a few drops on the plate and I could feel the sweetness. I also added a few cubes of grapefruit jelly and a pea salad with roasted sunflower seeds and soy sauce.

11 Christmas menu 2015

My fruit cake was delicious, same recipe as the Victorian fruit cake I’ve made for GBBO, but only smaller. I had some issues with the marzipan, so it doesn’t look that tidy, maybe because I used some rum instead of date nectar as last time.

12 Christmas menu 2015

I was tired and I wanted to finish faster, so my mince pies are huge. I made the pastry with cinnamon and it didn’t modify the texture at all. For the mincemeat I used dried mango with fresh apples and mandarins. It was delicious. I served it with an apple and cinnamon sauce.

13 Christmas menu 2015

These are made by hubby, dark chocolate shells with a rum and chocolate ganache. They were delicious.

4 thoughts on “Christmas menu 2015

  1. Wow, what a spread! It all looks delicious. I’m a big cheese fan and I love the idea of making onion jam, yum!

  2. Woah can I come and spend Christmas day with you this year? I loved the look of your olives and your choccy cake. I am guessing you are a veggie? Me too!

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