Coffee Biscuits

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Coffee Biscuits, surprisingly considering how much I love coffee, I never shared a recipe for coffee biscuits before. I’ve share recipes for coffee flavoured Cupcakes, Fondant Fancies, Jelly, Eclairs, Trifle cake, and, obviously Tiramisu. As I said, I’m really keen on coffee. These biscuits were very appreciated by all those who tried them.

Coffee Biscuits

I’ve used demerara sugar and that proved to be a really great idea. This kind of sugar reacts different than caster sugar. It doesn’t melt as fast, so, with the short time baking, the sugar gives a bit of crunch. That was unexpected, but so delicious. I’m glad I’ve made the biscuits like that and I’m going to make them again with demerara. With the coffee flavour, that works really great.

Ingredients for 42 Coffee biscuits:

– 250g self raising white flour
– 100g self raising wholemeal flour
– 185g demerara sugar
– 1 large free-range egg
– 3 tsp instant coffee
– 125g butter at room temperature
– 3 tbsp golden syrup

Make the dough in a food processor, because is easier. First of all dissolve the instant coffee with a bit of boiling water, don’t put too much water as it will change the texture of the biscuits, add just what is needed to dissolve the coffee. Leave to cool down. Now, put both types of flour, the sugar, and butter cut in cubes in the food processor. Blend it for up to 1 minute, until it resembles breadcrumbs. In a bowl, beat the egg with the golden syrup, and the cold coffee. Pour the egg mixture over the flour. Mix at medium speed until it starts to clump together, for about a minute or two.

Flour the worktop and tip the dough on it. Knead for a couple of minutes, until the dough is smooth, but do not overwork it, or the butter will melt. Wrap the dough in cling film and put it in the fridge for 15 – 20 minutes to chill.

Meanwhile, heat the oven to 180C or 160C fan. Line two baking trays with baking paper.

On the floured worktop, roll the dough out at a thickness of 6 mm using the adjustable rolling pin. This way all the biscuits will look the same. Cut the biscuits with the square cutter and remove the excess dough. Transfer the biscuits on the baking tray. Knead the rest of the dough and roll it out again to cut more biscuits, until you use all the dough.

Bake the biscuits for 10 minutes. Take the biscuits out of the baking tray and put them to cool on a cooling rack. You can now enjoy them with a cup of coffee.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Biscuits

  1. Thank you for this simple but delicious recipe, Anca!

    I made these last week for my guests, they were delicious and stayed fresh in an air tight container for some days. Making another batch yesterday. Highly recommend these biscuits!

  2. Thank you for these simple recipes. I am a coffee lover and have been thinking of simple accomplements, and these fit the bill!

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