Marmite Houmous

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Marmite Houmous, who would have thought that I’m ever going to share a recipe for Marmite Houmous? Well, I tried it after noticing it on the supermarket shelves at Tesco and I loved it. After buying it I found out that is not vegan, as I didn’t check the label because marmite is vegan, houmous is vegan… who would have imagined that a mix of these two would have milk in it?!
I made it once after that, but it was not marmity enough, so I made it again and this time I had a winner. This is not a recipe only for marmite lovers, because, blended with the flavours of the chickpeas and the other ingredients, it ends up something rather different than marmite.

Marmite Houmous

One thing that might surprise you is how much you need to use. For 2 standard cans of chickpeas I’ve added about 3 tsp of marmite! This is a lot considering that I only like a very small amount on toast with margarine. These three teaspoons were added in small increments, so I was sure the marmite will not overpower the other flavours. I will make this again, maybe not weekly, but twice a month that’s for sure. We eat houmous often, almost daily, so I love trying all sorts of different houmous recipes.

Houmous can be eaten as a dip, of course, but we’ve had it as a main this time, for lunch. With seeded wholemeal bread it was delicious.

Ingredients for Marmite Houmous. 2 servings as mains:

– 2 cans of chickpeas
– 1 spoon tahini paste
– 1-2 garlic cloves
– 2 spoons of olive oil + 2 spoons for topping
– cumin
– 2 tsp lemon juice
– Marmite
– sumac (for decor, optional)

Marmite Houmous. Close up

Drain a bit of the water from the chickpeas, but not all. Put the chickpeas in a blender, add the tahini paste, the crushed garlic, cumin and mix. Blend until the houmous is smooth. Pour the olive oil, the lemon juice and a bit of marmite and mix for another minute. Taste and add more marmite, mix for a bit to incorporate. Again, add more marmite after tasting and mix again. As marmite has a strong flavour is better to add it gradually to the houmous, making sure you are happy to add more.

Transfer the houmous in a bowl and sprinkle sumac on top or another topping. Pour olive oil on top too, if you fancy a richer taste.

What do you think of Marmite houmous? Is this something you’d love to try?

7 thoughts on “Marmite Houmous

  1. Marmite and hummus…. two words I would never have put together! It looks and sounds delicious, though. I’ve always heard it’s something you either love or hate. Not found in my part of the world, I ordered some Vegemite online one time for a book club meeting that featured a story set in Australia. The book was a hit, but the Vegemite got mixed reviews.
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  2. Marmite hummus has a new recipe and is fully vegan. Many wrote in and complained about it containing milk. They listened and changed it for the vegans and lactose intolerant. 😁

    1. Hi Angie, yes, they changed it, that’s true. I tried it and found it too salty and bitter, not as good as the initial recipe, which is unfortunate. I hope you like it though. 🙂

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