Vegan wrap

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I love wraps and I believe most people love them too. I think something as simple as a vegan wrap is a great choice for breakfast or for lunch at work. Even for picnics, they are easy to make, store nicely in the fridge, and they are also very easy to enjoy on a blanket while admiring an amazing landscape.

Vegan wrap

In this post I’m going to talk about how I’ve made this vegan wrap, well wraps, and I will also give alternatives. I don’t think I make wraps the same way twice. With so many choices for fillings, it would be a shame not to experiment with flavours.

Vegan wrap. How to make it

Start with a wrap. For me, a wholemeal version is the best choice. My husband and I are very keen on healthier versions of bread and we enjoy the taste too.

So, start with the vegan wrap. Now, you’ll have to pick a spread that will keep all the other ingredients in place. Obviously, I went with houmous because we love houmous. You can make it yourself using a basic recipe. Or, make it fancy, for example Houmous with sundried tomatoes, Carrot houmous. If you don’t have chickpeas, you can even make a delicious Bean Houmous, from a can of baked beans. Of course, there are many other tasty alternatives, like pea and mint dip, as with the houmous, it is available in shops if you don’t have the time to make it yourself.

Make sure, when you are spreading the houmous, that is a nice and thin layer and not too close to the sides or it will spill out when rolled.

Cut the vegan sausage. I’ve used Linda McCartney sausages because those are my favourite. I also love the story of how they became vegetarians, it’s a brand I want to support. If you don’t like these, use other brands of meat-free sausages. Or falafel, that is great with houmous. Add chopped olives and small bits of red pepper sauce. I’m a big fan of this red pepper sauce, that I bought from Aldi. I’m going to make my own version. Basically it’s a dip made from grilled red peppers, peeled, and the seeds removed. The peppers are then placed into a food processor with a bit of olive oil and spices and blitzed. It’s so easy to make.

As alternatives, use vegan sauces or homemade ketchup. Instead of green olives you can use kalamata olives or capers. Sundried tomatoes would also be great, as a sauce by blitzing them in the food processor, or chopped for an extra texture. If you love spicy food, then you can add some jalapinos, chopped. Sweet shallow fried onions can be a fab alternative too. Just make sure you are not overfilling the wrap.

Flip two opposite sides of the wrap, like in the picture. This way the filling will remain inside the wrap and it means it will be very easy to eat. Roll the wrap and press it gently so the filling sticks to the tortilla wrap. Now cut it at an angle with a bread knife and the wrap is ready to be served. You can keep it in the fridge overnight, so it’s already made in the mornings when you are in a hurry.

Do you like wraps? What kind of fillings do you go for?

5 thoughts on “Vegan wrap

    1. The ones I love are made by Linda McCartney, made with soya protein, same as tofu. Cauldron, another brand, makes their vegan sausages with veggies. Besides these, there are many other vegan and vegetarian options made by supermarkets, their own brand. It’s absolutely amazing to be a vegan/vegetarian in UK, we have so many options.

  1. I love wraps too and I rarely fill them exactly the same as well. Although I have a favorite at the moment: pesto, scrambled eggs and red onions. Not vegan, I know. 🙂 I have to get some of these vegan sausages, I have seen them often, but never dared… 🙂

    1. I’ve started eating veg*n sausages and mock meat before becoming vegetarian because I’ve tried it and I loved the taste. So, have a go, you might like them too.

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