African Peanut Soup

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Making African peanut soup was something I planned to do for a while now. I’ve made spicy mushrooms with peanut butter before and I knew that it can be amazing. Mushrooms and peanut butter is something eaten often in our home. I have to say that this African peanut soup that I’ve made recently will feature as well on our menu, as it is so good.

Luckily, before making it, I’ve had the chance of talking to someone. She said she was from Nigeria, originally, and so I’ve asked her about the soup. She told me that this kind of soup originates from Ghana, but it is widely eaten in Nigeria as well. It might be popular in their neighbouring countries.

African Peanut Soup

You can make it with vegetable stock, but I’ve used only water as the soup already has a lot of vegetables and lots of flavours as well. I’ve seen many recipes with meat, but, even if I wasn’t vegetarian, I wouldn’t have added meat in it. The peanut gives it richness and the vegetables and spices give it a fantastic flavour. So, my suggestion is to make it as it is, as you might say, like me, that it doesn’t need anything else.

I served my African peanut soup with another African staple: Fufu. I’ve used dried fufu powder, similar to the one for mash potatoes. It’s basically the same thing, a mash potato, made from yam and cassava. It’s nice. Next time I’m making it, I’ll add a bit of salt, as it didn’t have enough. Also, if you are using a fufu powder like I did, you can make it as soft or as hard as you’d like. Mine was thick and I think this is how the real fufu is like, as I followed the instructions on the package. Of course, I will try making it in different ways, as I’m quite fond of the taste. Maybe I will add some spices as well, besides the ones that it already has, like saffron. I bought my fufu powder, along with the okra from the ethnic shop. Everything else can be found in local supermarkets. If you want, you can replace okra with a medium courgette. As for the spices, add as much or as little as you like. Remember that you can always add more, so don’t overdo it.

Ingredients for 4 servings of African Peanut Soup:

– 2 big onions
– 2 red peppers
– 1 can of chopped tomatoes
– 175g okra
– 2 spoons of oil
– 2-3 garlic cloves
– 150g peanut butter, smooth
– 1.5l water
– ginger
– chilli flakes
– salt
– rosemary

Start by peeling and washing the onions. Heat the oil in a big pot. Toss in the onions and stir from time to time so they don’t burn. Add a bit of water and stir again. Meanwhile, wash and chop the peppers, and toss them in. Stir again, so they don’t catch the bottom of the pot.

African Peanut Soup. Close up

Pour the chopped tomatoes and stir again. Add the crushed garlic cloves and stir. Now wash and chop the okra, throwing away the ends. Cut the okra in small pieces. If you haven’t cooked okra before, be aware that it is a bit slimy, it is ok, this is how okra is. Also, if you like it, you can try another recipe of mine, Okra with miso glaze.

Toss in the okra and let the soup simmer for 10 to 12 minutes at medium heat. Now is time to add the spices, when the soup is cooking. I’ve crushed the rosemary with mortar and pestle before adding it to the pan. Leave the soup to simmer at low heat for another couple of minutes. The soup is now ready to be served.

Have you ever had African peanut soup before? Is it something you’d like to try?

African Peanut Soup

2 thoughts on “African Peanut Soup

  1. As a kid we often ate sweetened peanut soup as the breakfast…however, I have never tasted a savoury version and I am intrigued to give this a try too. Looks seriously flavourful and yummy, Anca.

  2. I made an African Peanut Sweet Potato Stew that was good. Your recipe here is different and looks quite tasty. It’s getting late in the summer for okra, so I might have to use frozen if I try it anytime soon.

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