Vegan Chocolate Truffles

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My husband surprised me recently with a few packages of delicious truffles. Those were vegan, healthy, with no added sugar. So, I thought I should try making my own version of Vegan Chocolate Truffles. They turned out delicious. Now I have so many ideas of new flavour combinations and ingredients that most likely you’ll get to see quite a few on my blog.

Vegan Chocolate Truffles. A few truffles on grey and white marble

First of all, these are vegan, so they can be enjoyed by everybody. With no added sugar, these could be a great dessert for someone on a diet or for children. Please be aware that no added sugar doesn’t mean low in calories too, hazelnut butter and dates do have lots of calories. Another great thing about these truffles is that they are so easy to make. I’ve used only 5 ingredients, and one of those was water. You can add Rum flavouring or not, depending on your taste and if you can find it. I mentioned before that I buy my Rum flavouring from an International shop, where they stock all sort of ingredients, from all over the eastern parts of the world.

To make the vegan chocolate truffles, well, vegan, you can use any kind of dark chocolate. That is naturally vegan. If you don’t have hazelnut butter, you can make it yourself. I’ve shared a recipe for almond butter, and that is pretty similar to make. The truffles don’t take long to make, but you need to leave the mixture in the fridge to harden a bit, so keep that in mind.

Vegan Chocolate Truffles. Close up of one truffle with many seen in the background

Ingredients for 15 Vegan Chocolate Truffles:

– 100g dates
– 50g hazelnut butter
– 25g dark chocolate
– 1 tsp water (if needed)
– Rum flavouring (optional)

Start by breaking the chocolate and melting it in the microwave or in a small pan over small to medium heat. Stir so the chocolate doesn’t burn. Add the hazelnut butter on top and stir in. Leave the chocolate mix on a side.

In the small bowl of the food processor or in the bowl of the hand blender, toss in the dates and mix until it looks like a paste. If you think the mix is too thick, then add the teaspoon of water and mix again. Pour the flavouring and the dark chocolate mix on top and stir with a spoon. Transfer the truffle mixture in a bowl and put it in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes to harden a bit, so you can make the truffles. When the mixture can be handled, put the casings on a plate and start making the truffles. Use a scale if you want all your truffles to have the same size. If you are making exactly the same quantity I’ve mentioned, weight in 12g of mixture for each truffle.

Put the plate with the truffles in the fridge to chill for another 20 to 30 minutes before serving.

Are Vegan Chocolate Truffles something you’d like to try?

3 thoughts on “Vegan Chocolate Truffles

  1. Soooo good! I know I would love these truffels although I am not a huge chocolate fan. But when I do eat truffles, then definitely with dark chocolate. I’ve made similar truffles with dates a couple of time, they are amazing, not only the taste but the consistency as well.

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